is a web portal dedicated to Polish culture, with its main task being spreading the knowledge about the achievements of Polish artists abroad and developing cultural awareness among Polish audience. This rich compendium of knowledge is comprised of an information part about the latest cultural events in Poland and abroad, and a database containing biographic entries, essays, descriptions of works, presentations of cultural institutions and multimedia files. The texts are available in two basic language versions: Polish and English. The portal has its own page on Facebook (with currently about 50,000 fans) and a channel on You Tube. is run by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, an institution established in 2000 under the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, responsible for the promotion of Polish culture abroad. The Institute acts wherever we see a great potential for the promotion of Polish culture - the projects completed to date presented over 4,000 cultural events in 26 countries, watched by over 40 million viewers. The most extensive of these projects are so-called Polish seasons, which were so far carried out in France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and the UK (Polska! Year). The biggest of our projects completed so far was the official International Cultural Programme of the Polish EU Presidency. During the six months from July to December 2011, residents of 10 world capitals viewed nearly 400 events in 10 time zones, under the common name I, Culture. It was an extensive presentation of Poland as a modern and unique country with a rich contemporary culture - the creative hub of Europe.

In order to meet new challenges and to expand our activity to new territories, we created Asia Progamme, which has been carrying out cultural events in the Far East countries for over sic years. So far we have organized cultural events during EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, large Presidency projects in Beijing and Tokyo (2011), as well as Korean focus in 2012, which comprised a series of events titled Polish October in Korea.

Since 2013 we have been building long-term Polish cultural presence in the whole region, mainly China, Korea, Japan, and since 2014 also India. 2015 marked the year of our Chinese focus, which was the largest programme of events ever produced by Poland in Asia. It included two large art exhibitions at the National Museum of China and the National Art Museum of China, 4 theatre projects with the celebrated Woodcutters by Krystian Lupa among them, 4 music tournees (including Sinfonia Varsovia), film focus at the Beijing International Film Festival and many other, smaller, but equally interesting projects.

In 2016, we presented an extensive programme of Polish theatre productions in China (performances by Krystian Lupa, Krzysztof Warlikowski, Grzegorz Jarzyna, Jan Klata, Paweł Passini, Paul Bargetto), three early music projects in Beijing and Wuhan, Sinfonia Varsovia's concert tour in Korea and China, staging of the play Woodcutters directed by Krystian Lupa at the SPAF festival in Korea and Festival / Tokyo in Japan, an exhibition of contemporary art, theater co-production in India and many more.

In 2017 Asia Programme will present more concerts of classical and jazz music in China, showcases of Polish visual artists in Japan, artistic co-productions in India and projects aimed at young audiences in Korea. A new destination for the Asia Programme is Vietnam, where in 2017 the first concerts, master classes and lectures on Polish art will be held. 


Polish Theatre in Asia 2012–2016


Report of the events organised by in China in 2015

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