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  • Walenty Wańkowicz, "Portrait of Adam Mickiewicz at Judahu Cliff", 1828, Photo: Piotr Ligier / National Museum in Warsaw

    The greatest of Poland's Romantic poets - a poet, columnist, political activist, and visionary. He is cited as a pioneer of the vision of a federation of free nations and citizens. Read more about: Adam Mickiewicz

  • Dorota Masłowska, photo: Jacek Kołodziejski, photo courtesy of Raster Gallery

    Bridging categories of difference amongst the Polish, her novels and plays force society to face the idiosyncracies of their characters along the spectrum of being "Polish." Read more about: Dorota Masłowska

  • Apollon Musagete Quartett

    The Apollon Musagète Quartett was founded in 2006 by four Polish musicians: violinists Paweł Zalejski and Bartosz Zachłod, violist Piotr Szumieł and cellist Piotr Skweres. They are known from their cooperation with Tori Amos. In 2013 they were awarded the Polityka's Passport. Read more about: Apollon Musagète Quartett

  • Bartek Mejor, photo: Ela Lempp

    He draws inspiration from traditional handicraft, modern technologies and nature. Combining all these influences he creates modern solids which are exceptionally tactile. His cut, wavy and irregular vessels constitute a new young voice in Polish ceramic design. Read more about: Bartek Mejor