address: Plac Na Groblach 7, 31-101 Kraków, Poland
contact: Stanisław Gałoński [email protected], +48 509190806
 subject: Non-governmental organization (NGO) — Fundation Field of activity: Activities which aim to promote the music culture as performing concerts and organizing international festivals Key projects: Festivals "Music in Old Cracow" (since 1976) and "Music in Old Lviv" (since 2014), the activity of a historic ensemble Royal Rorantists (tradition since 1540), recording Opera Omnia (i.e. oeuvre) by Mikołaj Zieleński, an eminent Polish composer of the Renaissance, and presenting his artistic output in Venice where his works were published in 1611.
Fundacja Capella Cracoviensis
address: ul. Pilsudskiego 67   50-019 Wroclaw Poland
Contact: Marta Dzwonkowska – [email protected]
 Subject: public institution fully subsidized by the City of Wroclaw 
A musical theatre staging traditional musicals as well as innovative musical and theatrical forms
We present on our stage performances for adults and for children from Broadway musicals to adaptations of the greatest Polish and world literary works. Significant premieres of the last seasons:  "Hair"(direction: Konrad Imiela), "Jerry Springer – The Opera" (direction: Jan Klata), "The Master and Margarita" (direction: Wojciech Kościelniak), "I, Pierre Riviere, having slaughtered with an axe my mother, my father, my sisters, my brother and all my neighbours… " (direction: Agata Duda-Gracz), "Rat Pack, or Sinatra and colleagues" (direction: Konrad Imiela), "Nine" (direction: Pia Partum). Since 2006 The Capitol MT have been the organizer of the Stage Songs Review. 
address: Komuny Paryskiej Street 39-41, 50-451 Wrocław, Poland
contact: [email protected]
telephone no./fax.: +48 071 343 29 62
address: www:
international projects: Dominika Kawalerowicz – [email protected]
subject: cultural institution
field of activity: all forms of art
key projects: European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 i UNESCO World Book Capital Wrocław 2016
  address: Plac Moniuszki 2B, 25-334 Kielce, Poland
   Subject: Institution of art - creation and performing performances, organization of dance festival,   organization of dance workshops, leading a dance school. The artistic team specialize in jazz       dance in its traditional and contemporary styles however it is also experienced in the styles of      contemporary and neoclassical dance. With such a wide range of skills and professional         preparation presented repertoire is very diverse, and the team beyond creating its own         production is engaged to perform in co-productions, like e.g.: Traviata directed by Michał Znaniecki, realized by Israeli Opera (Izrael 2014) and Golden Key or adventures of Pinocchio  in co-operation with Landestheater Niederbayern (Germany, 2010). Among realized productions there spectacles with not complicated set, not requiring additional transport and large performances with an extensive set and costumes, requiring organized transport. Kielce Dance Theatre performances have been presented at many Polish scenes as well as abroad (Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, USA, Belgium, Israel, China).
address: ul. Karasia 2, 00-327 Warszawa, Poland
contact: Bartosz Borowicz – [email protected] 
tel.+ 48 501 710 848
Type of activity: The Teatr Polski is one of the largest theatres in Warsaw. It was founded in 1913. It has a professional team of actors, highly qualified technical staff and the best quality of machinery. It permanently performs on two stages: the main one with 700 places and the small one with 180 places.
Scope of activities: The repertoire of the Teatr Polski includes classic drama performances, shows for children, musicals, dance shows, exhibitions, lectures and drama workshops
Key activities: promotion of the international and Polish classical drama literature staged with utmost diligence, directed by directors of global fame: Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” directed by Dan Jemmett, Molier’s “The School of Wives” directed by Jacques Lassalle or Shakespeare’s “King Lear” directed by Jacques Lassalle. 
address: 3 Zapolskiej Street, 50-032 Wrocław, Poland
contact: (+48) 71 316 07 01-02
e-mail: [email protected]
international projects: Magdalena Płyszewska – [email protected] / +48 71 316 0 719 or +48 500 085 692  Subject: Cultural institution (drama theatre)
Key projects: productions, education, polish and international touring, coproductions, international and interdisciplinary projects
Wrocław Polish Theatre
Address: Stara Górka 6, 62-010 Pobiedziska, Poland
contact: Stanisław Suchora – [email protected] / +33675096781
Subject: private company
Field of activity: artistic management, event production and promotion
SONORA is a dynamic artistic agency, managing musicians from Poland, Estonia, France, China and Japan, regularly expanding its roster. Since its creation in 2012, SONORA agency has co-organized events in 9 countries: China, Poland, Great Britain, Austria, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and in Italy, in collaboration with local festivals, philharmonic halls, producers and governmental institutions. In the nearest future, SONORA projects will be presented in Poland, Germany, France, Estonia, Sweden among others. SONORA was equally in charge of PR for various events in Poland, such as country's biggest performative arts festival, Malta Festival Poznan or the International Improvised Music Festival FRIV.
Sonora offer
Address: ul. Relaksowa 33/14, 02-796 Warszawa
contact: +48 600 270 871
Voytek Proniewicz offer
address: pl. Teatralny 4, 50-051 Wrocław, Poland
contact: Maja Hermansdorfer-Pstrokońska – [email protected] 
+ 48 71 335 49 14 www:
 Subject: Cultural institution of the city of Wrocław (theatre)
Field of activity: production of performances for children, young people and adults;
educational workshops; the organization of the Showcase of the New Theatre for Children
Key projects: The main idea of the Showcase is to show premieres from the latest season of the Wrocław Puppet Theatre and the most interesting performances from other theatres – the  innovative adaptations of contemporary texts that address matters important for today’s viewers. An integral part is the Art Garden in the Staromiejski Garden next to the theatre, in which we organize free, interdisciplinary workshops from various fields of art. The programme of the annual, week-long Showcase is also accompanied by panel discussions and other special events.
The Wroclaw Puppet Theatre