March 24

Arte dei Suonatori, photo: Maciej Mulawa

Two Polish ensembles specializing in Baroque and Renaissance music – OCTAVA ensemble and Arte dei Suonatori – will perform in Beijing and Wuhan.Read more »

March 23

Korean Chamber Orchestra with director Min Kim, photo: Rami

Korean Chamber Orchestra and Korean violinist Ju-Young Baek will perform in Warsaw and Zabrze at the 19th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival.Read more »

March 15

FCCO's concert at the Warsaw Autumn Festival, photo: Grzegorz Mart, Warsaw Autumn Festival

The end of March will see the continuation of a project launched in 2013, when four Polish composers spent a week on a residency in Beijing. This time the composers: Tadeusz Wielecki, Jarosław Siwiński, Piotr Roemer and Paweł Hendrich will participate in workshops at the Chinese Conservatory of Music, aimed at the creation of five new pieces.Read more »

March 12

Maciej Fortuna European-Asian Quartet – Asia Tour 2015 – poster

On 19th March 2015, international jazz band Maciej Fortuna European-Asian Quartet will set off for another tour across South Asia. The band will be promoting their new musical project titled "Tribute to Bronisław Kaper".Read more »

March 10

The Heroic Symphony at the Seoul Arts Center - poster

The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra will hold a concert titled 'The Heroic Symphony' at the Seoul Arts Center's Concert Hall. Antoni Wit, dubbed as the 'Karajan of Poland', will conduct Elsner’s Overture to 'Leszek Bialy' and Beethoven’s Heroic Symphony, whereas top violinist Valeriy Sokolov will play Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto.Read more »

March 04

Cracow Duo, fot. Remigiusz Zalucki

Korean premiere of Polish composer Marcel Chyrzyński's "Farewell" for cello and piano took place at the prestigious Seoul Arts Center. The concert was performed together by Cracow Duo from Poland and Ensemble Opus from Korea.Read more »

February 26

"International Gallerie" - cover of the 02.2014 issue

Indian art magazine "International Gallerie" published an issue entirely dedicated to Poland, titled "Poland - resisting history". The issue contains essays on contemporary Polish art, theatre, dance, cinema, history and literature by Polish curators, crtitics and artists.Read more »

February 17

Alicja Patanowska "Plantation", photo: D.Tschudin

After presentation at the exhibition 'What Goes Behind... Contemporary Polish Ceramic Design' organized by at the Inno Design Tech Expo in Hong Kong, Alicja Patanowska's installation PLANTATION was purchased by the Shanghai Museum of Glass. The work of a young Polish artist will officially join the Museum's permanent collection in April.Read more »

February 11

Dong Yoon Kim "Mirror Lake", 2013, photo: Łaźnia CCA

The Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdańsk hosted the exhibition of Korean artist Dong Yoon Kim. Presented works were both created over the past few years and were a result of the artists's 3-month residency at the Łaźnia CCA in 2014.Read more »

February 05

Andrzej Wróblewski, "Two married women", photo: National Museum in Warsaw

In the upcoming months will present the largest ever Polish culture season in China. A series of exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances and film screenings will give the Chinese audiences a whole new perspective on what Polish culture is about.Read more »

Maria Pomianowska and Paweł Betley duo, photo: Katarzyna Kamer

Polish and Indian masters of knee fiddle, Maria Pomianowska and Ustad Kamal Sabri, for the first time performed together a series of concerts. This meeting of outstanding musicians originating from two very distant musical cultures has an extraordinary story in the background.Read more »

January 26

Scene from the performance "Play it, so 17 dances about something" by Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, photo: Dominik Werner

The artists of the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre from Gdańsk participated in two festivals in India - Bharat Rang Mahotsav Festival in New Delhi and Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai.Read more »

January 23

Scene from Renata Piotrowska's solo performance "Death. Exercises and variations", photo: Marta Ankiersztejn

Renata Piotrowska, along with three other artists, was working on the performance "Untitled" during her residency at ST Spot and presented her latest solo piece "Death. Exercises and variations" at the Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama.Read more »

January 13

Opening of the exhibition "Treasures from Chopin's Country" in the National Museum of China in Beijing, photo:

For the first time in history, Beijing's National Museum of China hosts a thorough and wide-ranging exhibition of Polish art, from that of the Middle Ages up to contemporary art.Read more »

Beata Bilińska, photo:

Chinese fans of classical music had the extraordinary opportunity to listen to Chopin's music as performed by the distinguished Polish artist Beata Bilińska. Her two concerts took place in the famous Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing and in Wuhan.Read more »

January 12

2014 Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival - poster

As in the previous years, the 2014 Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival hosted representatives of cultural institutions from Asia, who visited Poland at the invitation of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.Read more »

December 15

 Ditte Berkeley, Kamila Klamut and Matej Matejka in the performance Caesarean Section. Essays on Suicide , The  ZAR Theatre, phot.  Łukasz Giza

The ZAR Theatre is to present their Caesarean Section performance at the 6th edition of the Theatre Olympics in Beijing.Read more »

December 05

MosaiKOREA ensemble, photo: promotion materials

Polish Mosaik ensemble and Korean MosaiKOREA performed together on stage of the Palladium Club in Warsaw. The concert marked the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and the Republic of Korea.Read more »

November 26

November 21

Krzysztof Urbański during the concert

One of the most promising Polish conductors presented the music of Witold Lutosławski and Wojciech Kilar in Japan.Read more »

November 17

A still from the film. On the photo: Zbigniew Cybulski, phot. Polfilm/East News

In the last days of November, the audience of the Poland Film Festival will have an opportunity to see films by Polish artists, as well as a retrospective of films by Wojciech Jerzy Has.Read more »

November 14

Photo from the project "I don't need" by Agnes Janich

Agnes Janich presented her works at the 5th edition of the International Art Edition Fair in Seoul.Read more »

November 05

Stefan Niedziałkowski, photo: David A. Fullard

6th edition of Stefan Niedziałkowski`s International Mime Art Theatre Workshops "Silence of the Body/Milczące Ciało" took place in Theater X in Tokyo.Read more »

October 31

Elements of the "Patch" system by Beza Projekt, photo: press materials

Beza Projekt is a studio in Warsaw run by Anna Łoskiewicz and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik. In October 2014 both designers conducted workshops in Tokyo.Read more »

October 22

Grzegorz Nowak, photo:

Polish conductor Grzegorz Nowak led KBS Symphony Orchestra during the final concert of the Jinju Music Festival. The Orchestra performed Karol Szymanowski's Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 35 for the first time in Korea.Read more »

October 17

Aleksandra Niepsuj's workshop for children, photo: Kazuomi Furuya

+48 Social Club set up in Tokyo’s VACANT gallery hosted a series of open workshops conducted by Polish graphic designers and illustrators. Among them there were workshops for kids and adults led by illustrator Aleksandra Niepsuj.Read more »

Edgar Bąk, photo: Cezary Hładki

The award-winning graphic designer Edgar Bąk, along with other Polish artists, conducted workshop for professionals accompanying the exhibition Polish design in the VACANT gallery in the center of Tokyo.Read more »

Wojciech Smarzowski, photo: Wojciech Druszcz/Reporter
/East News

Meeting with Polish film director Wojciech Smarzowski was held at Tokyo’s VACANT gallery, hosting the project +48 Social Club.Read more »

Still from the documentary "Neon", photo: courtesy of producers

+48 Social Club was not only an exhibition of Polish design. Tokyo’s VACANT gallery, where the project was taking place, also hosted open shows of three Polish documentary films.Read more »

October 16

Signing of the MOUat the GPDNET conference in Seoul, October 2014, photo: courtesy of Korea Foundation

Representatives of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute participated in Global Public Diplomacy Network - GPDNET's Inaugural Assembly in Seoul held by the Korea Foundation.Read more »

Soul Service, photo: press materials

Soul Service DJs – Ojciec Karol, Kapitan Sparky and Papa Zura – performed in Tokyo’s VACANT gallery.Read more »

October 15

Small Instruments, photo: press materials

As part of the project +48 Social Club, Małe Instrumenty group gave concert and workshop in Tokyo’s VACANT club and gallery. It was the first chance of this unconventional band, so far known in Japan only from their records, to bring their music closer to the Japanese public.Read more »

October 08

Rebeka band performing at the Zandari Festa, photo: Zandari Festa

Two Polish bands – Rebeka and Non-Human Persons – performed at the Zandari Festa in South Korea.Read more »