October 17

Aleksandra Niepsuj, photo: press materials

+48 Social Club set up in Tokyo’s VACANT gallery will host a series of open workshops conducted by Polish graphic designers and illustrators. Among them there will be workshops for kids and adults led by illustrator Aleksandra Niepsuj.More »

Edgar Bąk, photo: Cezary Hładki

The award-winning graphic designer Edgar Bąk, along with other Polish artists, will conduct workshop for professionals accompanying the exhibition Polish design in the VACANT gallery in the center of Tokyo.More »

Wojciech Smarzowski, photo: Wojciech Druszcz/Reporter
/East News

Meeting with Polish film director Wojciech Smarzowski will be held at Tokyo’s VACANT gallery, hosting the project +48 Social Club.More »

Still from the documentary "Neon", photo: courtesy of producers

+48 Social Club is not only an exhibition of Polish design. Tokyo’s VACANT gallery, where the project is taking place, will also host open shows of three Polish documentary films.More »

October 16

Participants of GPDNET working group meeting in June, photo: courtesy of Korea Foundation

Representatives of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute will participate in Global Public Diplomacy Network - GPDNET’s Inaugural Assembly in Seoul held by the Korea Foundation.More »

Soul Service, photo: press materials

Soul Service DJs – Ojciec Karol, Kapitan Sparky and Papa Zura – will perform in Tokyo’s VACANT gallery.More »

October 15

Small Instruments, photo: press materials

As part of the project +48 Social Club, Małe Instrumenty group will give concert and workshop in Tokyo’s VACANT club and gallery. It will be the first chance of this unconventional band, so far known in Japan only from their records, to bring their music closer to the Japanese public.More »