"Queue" Board Game / Manuka Studio / produced by Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance / illustrated by Manuka Studio

The aim of the "Queue" board game is to familiarise young people with the absurdities involved in shopping for groceries in communist times, when everything was distributed to customers on the basis of “cards” – coupons indicating how much of a given product one person was allowed to buy. Players act as people shopping for household goods during an economic crisis, when the stocks in shops left much to be desired and when in order to obtain the things that were needed it was necessary not only to stand in a long queue, but also to be very shrewd. The mechanism of the game refers to the specific aspects of standing in line in those times, an activity which was full of adventure.

The graphic design was done by Manuka Studio (Natalia Baranowska and Marta Malesińska). The design makes reference to the aesthetics of the final period of communism when there was a general shortage of goods. Its individual elements make use of images and recollections connected with those times – the box resembles a parcel wrapped in all-purpose paper and tied with a string, and the instruction booklet looks like a well-used file folder.