The Goodie Stool / Maria Jeglińska / produced by Ligne Roset / illustrated by Maria Jeglińska

The Goodie stool’s shape is deceptively simple, since behind it lies many hours of preparatory drawings. Maria Jeglińska describes her work method as "thinking by drawing"; she can fill up an entire sketchbook during one project’s creative process. She considers drawing to be a key process in understanding and capturing the essence of an object. Four cylindrical shapes are connected in a light, simple and multifunctional construction. For the designer, the most important thing is the functionality of the object that she creates – its purpose must be immediately obvious. A measure of success is to be able to fit furniture that she creates into a certain space as if it had always been part of it. She takes an individual approach for each project, avoiding repetition of earlier ideas and always seeking new solutions. Maria Jeglińska devotes a lot of attention to conceptual-research work, and is a member of several think tanks concerned with design.