The Plopp Stool / Oskar Zięta / produced by Hay / illustrated by Ada Buchholc

Oskar Zięta calls himself a process designer. He has patented his innovative FiDU technology (Freie Innendruck Umformung – "inner pressure moulding"). A two-year scholarship at the Zurich Polytechnic gave him the chance to work with a team of researchers who established that metal sheets are able to be inflated like a balloon without losing their lift. Zięta used this invention to produce furniture – in 2008 he introduced to the market the Plopp stool, also known as a "Polish object for the masses pumped full of air". Although it resembles a blown-up beach toy, it is made of durable, laser-cut steel.

 The Zieta Prozessdesign Studio, which has offices in Wrocław and Zurich, is consistently developing the FiDU method, producing furniture and everyday objects. It is also working on possibilities of using innovative technology in the production of large-scale projects: during tests it successfully built a bridge as well as a wind turbine, and work on the construction of space probes is currently in progress.