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Tadeusz Kantor, director of the spectacle The Dead Class, Kraków, 1988, photo: Włodzimierz Wasyluk

In 1974 Tadeusz Kantor began the rehearsals for the spectacle The Dead Class at the Krzystofory Gallery in Kraków. In a few months a work was created that turned out to be the most important work ever created by him.

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Photograph from the performance Wielopole, Wielopole by Tadeusz Kantor staged in Warsaw's Stodoła club, Cricot 2 Theatre, 1980, photo: Adam Hayder / Forum

In the autumn of 1979 Tadeusz Kantor and his Cricot 2 theatre left for Florence, where the municipal authorities had proposed that he create a new play. The preparations had already partially begun at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Kraków.

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